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Driveway Permit

COG Building Permit

Please Note:  THERE IS NO LONGER a satellite site at Middleburg to acquire permits

Storm Water Permit

Township Accessory Structure Permit

Changes to the Accessory Structure Permit have been made.

Middlecreek Township Planning Commission Applicant Chart




The Uniform Construction Code is administered by the Central Keystone Cog of Lewisburg, Pa.

Website or   Phone: 1-877-457-9401 or 1-570-522-1326. New residential and commercial structures including additions must comply with the UCC.  “Addition” is defined as an extension or increase in floor area or height of a building or structure.  Applicant will be required to have proof of in-town sewage hook-up or sewage permit along with an initialed copy of an application by the township planning commission in order to purchase building permit from the Cog.

The Middlecreek Township Planning Commission must review all permit applications before being submitted to the Central Keystone Cog.  Planning Commission meetings are held every fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 P.M. Township Building, 80 Globe Mills Rd.

Residential Building Permit Fees
The Following Information Applies to All Residential Permits:
Inspection fees for permits are based upon the International Code Council permit fee formula. This formula is revised and published two times a year by the ICC and reflects the costs of various use groups of construction as well being adjusted to reflect semi-annual construction cost adjustments.
To calculate the approximate residential permit fee use the following formula
(Gross Area*) X $103 = (Cost of Construction) X .006 = Permit Fee
            *(Gross Area) = the square feet of occupied living spaces
Example:        To apply the formula and estimate the permit fee for a new residential single-story house 40’ x 30’ with an unfinished basement the following calculations would apply:
(40’ X 30’)=
            1200 sq ft x $103 = $123,600 x .006 = $742.00 (+$4.00)


Permits with Hourly Fee rates: (2013 hourly fee is $59.00 per hour)

Act 157 of the PA Uniform Construction Code requires that all code agencies collect a $4.00 surcharge for every permit issued. Make sure to add $4.00 to any permit fee you calculate.

Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs:

Above-Ground Pools (No deck)

= 1 Hour

In-Ground Pools

= 2 Hours

Above-Ground Pools (with deck)

= 2 Hours

Hot Tubs/Spas

= 1.5 Hours

Solar Panels:

Roof-Mount Panels

= 2 Hours

Ground-Mount Panels

= 3 Hours

Placement of a Mobile Home (Trailer):*


= 3 Hours


= 4 Hours

*Includes an Electrical Service inspection


 New driveways and reconstructed driveways such as paving require a permit from the township.  Special requirements for this construction according to township ordinance #2005-02 will be given at the time of purchase of permit.  Fee is $25.00.



 Permits are required for new structures and additions over 600 sq ft for the purpose of control of water run-off on properties by ordinance #2005-04.

Fee is $50.00